Open Range and Corona Virus

Like all of you, we have been closely monitoring the current pandemic sweeping the world and in particular, our little corner of the world here in Bozeman.

We want to assure all of our friends and customers that we are doing all in our power to adjust to the new reality of the Coronavirus world. We will continue to maintain a high level of food and health procedures to ensure the safety of all of the Open Range community of customers, employees and suppliers, but also recognizing the current situation, a coronavirus specific regimen will require an even higher level of cleanliness, vigilance, as well as an awareness that this is not business as usual here at Open Range or anywhere else until this crisis has ended…

In response to the Health Dept. and the experiences of other restaurants in cities that have been much harder hit than ourselves, we are making adjustments which we hope will provide a higher level of safety to all of us under the current situation. Obviously, we will comply with all Health Department and other government jurisdictions regarding hours of operations and any possible shutdown.

During this period:
We have increased our already generous separation between tables and incorporated more stringent sanitation measures to assure maximum protection for our customers and employees.

We are also be limiting reservations to achieve a similar result.

We will be reducing the size of our menu to allow us to operate with a smaller staff in case there are reductions required by quarantine issues. It is also designed to provide our hourly employees the opportunity to work as many hours as possible under the current circumstances. A lot of your favorites and the same great quality, but fewer choices.

We are currently working on an online menu as well as an upgraded takeout program to allow our customers to call-in orders and pick them up at our front door. We have a dedicated parking spot at the front door. Just call us when you pull up and are ready to pick up your order. We will post the new take-out menu this as soon as we have worked out the details later this week.
These are not ordinary times but we believe that Bozeman can and will rise to the occasion and we hope to be a part of that movement.

Thank You For Your Understanding.

OPEN RANGE Management, Waitstaff, Kitchen Staff, Bar Staff and all of our local and regional suppliers.

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