Open Range to Host Live Jazz in Bozeman!

Open Range Jazz Night, every Thursday Night!

On every Thursday from 9:00 – 11:00PM Open Range will host a live jazz band in Downtown Bozeman. The first jazz night is on Thursday, September 19th with a jazz trio: guitarist Alex Nauman, bassist Bob Bowman, and drummer Brad Edwards. Nauman is already a well-known guitarist in the Billings area. He not only plays a large variety of music but teaches music and organizes music events. Edwards is a jazz veteran from Billings and has played nationally/internationally. Bowman has toured around the world and been on many recordings that have won or been nominated for GRAMMY Awards and recently moved to West Yellowstone from Kansas City, MO. They have played many times in Bozeman and Billings and never fail to fascinate the audience with their sounds!

live jazz in downtown bozeman

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